Ministries of the Church


Christian Education Ministry 

“A Work of Joy”

Members of the Ministry of Christian Education will be teaching the Kid’s Church during the service. Parents deservedly desire to be in the worship service, and not have to leave in order to teach, or do all the preparing during the week. They look forward to the teaching, playing and creative part of Kids' Church with the children.

The youth are encouraged to be part of the whole church service until around 10:15 AM, after the pastor presents the children’s moment at the chancel. The children then leave to go to our Kids' Church areas: Beinema Hall, the classrooms downstairs, or outside. We’ll meet up with the parents after the service in Fellowship Hall.

We believe it’s very important for children to be involved in the worship life of the corporate body. They need to see adults taking the time and effort to love God in community, and be encouraged to join in, to be a part of the whole. Children and youth add a lively, fresh dimension to the experience of worship that cannot be left out. Their energetic, contagious joy is a much needed part of the body of Christ!

Ministry of Community Life

The Ministry of Community Life will provide hospitality and fellowship for the congregation and will promote the health and well-being of the community.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry was created as a sub-group of the Worship and Covenant Ministry in October 2004. An article in the Congregator, our church newsletter, announced the time and place. Dianne Moore Eakin led the group. She opened with prayer and devotions. The group shared their latest creations and closed the evening with a blessing of the shawls. This became a new avenue to serve members and friends of our church who are ill, grieving, in transition or others who are celebrating the birth of a child or marriage.

Since the beginning, the group has knitted or crocheted over 550 shawls. We also knit chemo caps for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, scarves for the UCC Synod meeting, and baby blankets for the Ronald McDonald House in Portland. We have sent others to fallen soldiers and missions in Honduras, India and Africa.

A lovely basket was donated where we keep the blessed shawls awaiting their new recipient. We welcome donations, either of yarn or money, to further the work of this ministry.

The group includes beginners to exceptional knitters. If you are looking for a way to serve others and use your creative skills while enjoying fellowship then you may want to consider joining this ministry. The group meets monthly on the second Thursday from 1:30 - 3:00 PM September, October, and January - May. 

Called to Care

  • Called to Care was established in 1991. It reaches out in times of need to our faith community by:

    • Keeping one another in prayer

    • Using our God given talents

    • Engaging others in this important ministry

    • Offer of Help:

          • Simple meals

          • Transportation

          • Cards and letters

          • Friendly visits

          • Bereavement Support

Ministry of Facility Stewardship

The charge of caring for the buildings and grounds and the next-door Parsonage with barn is done by the members of this ministry. Folks that enjoy “fixing things” and perhaps have electrical, carpentry, plumbing or painting skills are most welcome. Connections with local repair firms would also be useful. The original Sanctuary was re-built, a pipe organ installed and a connecting Fellowship Hall was added in 2004.

Ministry of Worship & Covenant

The Ministry of Worship and Covenant supports the spiritual life of our community through worship practices and caring during times of special need.

We strive to create worship experiences that are faith-centered and spiritually renewing.  We support people in our faith community when they are going through difficult times by offering prayers, meals and other services.

The Ministry of Worship and Covenant contributes to the FCC community by arranging for:

  • Worship Services

    • Ushers

    • Acolytes

    • Lay Readers

    • Flowers

    • Communion

    • Music

    • Faith Statements'

Ministry of Music

Our church is blessed to have a creative and talented Minister of Music, Doris Krueger. Beautiful music fills our sanctuary and is given to the Glory of God every Sunday morning. The acoustics are incredible in our renovated sanctuary. We are excited about our Casavant Freres pipe organ that was installed in our chancel in July 2004. We are blessed to have this beautiful instrument in our sanctuary to use in worship.

Chancel Choir

We are always looking for more voices so come and sing with us! The choir is open to singers middle school and up. Beginning in September, practices are Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:00 PM and one hour before church on days the group is singing, usually through the beginning of June.

Music Rehearsal Schedule:

Chancel Choir:  Wednesdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 9:00 AM

Anyone interested in participating in any of these choirs, please contact the church office, 781-3413 or

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