Services of Life

Baptism at Falmouth Congregational

In the United Church of Christ we believe that the sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God, and marks a person’s entrance into Christian community. Therefore we expect that persons baptized in our church will participate in the communal life of faith after their baptism, walking with us in Christian community. Since baptism is a covenantal event with the church community we include the sacrament of baptism as part of our regular Sunday morning worship services. We baptize infants, children and adults. Parents often choose to name sponsors or godparents for their infant or child.

Adults are baptized as they join the church if they have not already received the sacrament of baptism. In order to learn more about baptism at Falmouth Congregational, please email Pastor Amelia Edson:

Weddings & Funerals at Falmouth Congregational

In the hinge moments of our life, as we welcome a new person into the family or grieve that one we love has departed, it is good to gather together. It is good to sing, to pray, and to mark the way our life is changed forever.

At Falmouth Congregational we perform weddings and funeral services for members and non-members alike. Pastor Amelia Edson will meet with you and your family to craft a personalized service. For wedding ceremonies she will also meet with couples 3-5 times for  premarital counseling well in advance of any ceremony, using the Prepare and Enrich modules. We welcome couples of any orientation or gender identity who wish to be married.

Falmouth Congregational is a Christian Church; all services performed here will be in the Christian tradition, which we believe to be a wide and welcoming tent. Pastor Amelia is happy to work together to find theological language that resonated with you and your family’s faith traditions(s).

Our sanctuary is sacred space for us. Unless otherwise arranged, our pastor will be the lead officiant for any services held here. Outside clergy are invited to participate only at the discretion of the pastor and church leadership.

In order to speak more about funeral or marriage services at Falmouth Congregational, please email Pastor Amelia Edson: